Black Tie Gun Shy: Three Steps To Preparing For Your First Formal Wedding As A Guest

If you have been invited to go to a black tie or white tie wedding, this means that the wedding will be very formal affair. In order to be prepared for a formal affair, you need to know how to dress, proper decorum at the event, and you need to know what will be expected at the reception. Here are three ways that you should prepare before you attend a formal wedding ceremony and reception. 

Get fitted for a ballgown

If you have been invited to either a white or black tie affair, this will necessitate you getting a proper dress. Traditional advice says that it is better to be somewhat overdressed than underdressed, so a full-length gown is your best bet. Get fitted for a dress that looks similar to what you would wear to an opera or a state dinner. Be sure that the dress is comfortable to walk and dance in with heels. It is also a good idea to take into account the design and color, as you will want to wear formal jewelry with the dress. Book a formal hair styling as well, so that your look is properly prepared for the day. 

Take ballroom dancing lessons

At formal weddings, formal dances are typically expected. Take a few ballroom dance lessons to get comfortable with a few two-step dances. It is also a good idea to learn at least one major dance, such as the waltz or the tango. This will be impressive and ensure that you feel comfortable getting out on the dance floor, rather than sitting most of the night. Remember to practice dancing inside of the shoes that you intend to wear or a similar pair, so that you know how the movements will feel inside of your shoes. For more information, visit sites like

Learn the name of the bridal party and parents

Formal weddings tend to have a formal receiving line for the guests. Even if you have never been formally introduced, you should learn the name and career of the bridegroom couple and both sets of parents. This way you will be able to formally greet them and pass on a compliment or ask a question when you are in the receiving line. It is common to have a short word or compliment for those in the receiving line. They may also feel more comfortable coming up to you during the reception and introducing you to others. 

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